What our clients say:

For anyone who loves their dogs as much as I do (they are my “kids”), Bluff High Kennels has my 100% positive review.  I have been taking my two 7 year-old Shelties there a couple times a year since they were under a year old, and for as long as 3 weeks, and I believe the care they receive is outstanding.  While my dogs are very shy and reserved as most Shelties are, my dogs tell me by their excitement and wagging tails, and jumping up to greet the owners and their staff, that they are happy to be there. In my mind, that’s all I need to know that they are in good hands.

~Howard Polski


Doug, Mandy, everyone…….. I want to thank you for what you seem to do naturally at Bluff High, go way beyond the expected! Both with my champion dog, Kailin; and with the assistance you offered the SCWTCA with our rescue, Bowie, we can’t thank you enough for the special care, and love you give all the dogs. I am always comfortable leaving Kailin and that isn’t something I usually say with my dogs, but I never worry and know he’s happy! But a great big thank you for the kindness you extended to me and the Club when we took this very special Rescue Wheaten. He has a wonderful forever home and thanks to you made a smooth and easy transition. Words just can’t express how happy I am that he stayed with you and transitioned well.
You’re wonderful, I am so glad Laura introduced us!
Have a very happy Holiday Season and much success in 2012!

~Cyndi S.


My dog always comes home as happy as when I left him.  I would definitely recommend Bluff High Kennels to my friends.

~Melanie L.


I always have a hard time when boarding my dog.  She is on a few meds and I worry they are not administered properly.  Don’t have to worry about that here.  They seem to understand both the importance and have the capability to administer properly.

~Ed M.

I like that someone checks in on my dog even after the kennel has been closed.

~Cassie M.